Electrically Conductive Glaze?

Laser cut cardboard audio sampler

Laser cut cardboard audio sampler

Geez, some people have such great ideas.

This post over at GetLoFi.com highlighting an audio sampler made from laser cut cardboard and silk-screened conductive paint got me thinking… has anyone developed an electrically conductive glaze? Seems pretty simple — an iron rich glaze, maybe with some silver? Then you could run low voltage through it to light LED’s, run speakers, attach motion sensors, etc. Man, I’m salivating. Let’s fabricate this idea!

3 thoughts on “Electrically Conductive Glaze?

  1. Hey Forrest,
    This forum is really nice…

    as far as conductive glaze goes… It is often silkscreened right onto high alumina chips. I have done some printing for a few researchers… tons of potential outside of computer applications.
    Jason Green wanted to do this years ago… but never got around to it. He or somebody else should pick up the idea. I would be happy to share tech info with anybody interested.

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