Moment of Inspiration (software)

There is another software package I just thought of this morning that might be useful. It is called Moment of Inspiration (MOI) (I am not so hot on the name) but it is good software in any case. The interface is very intuitive and in many ways it is a nice blend of the features found in Rhino and Sketchup. I find it really easy to work with and much more powerful than Sketchup or CB Model Pro. It also reads and writes the proprietary Rhino file format, making it very useful as a supplement to Rhino. The reason I have not bought it is that it is the same price as the educational cost of Rhino ($195). But compared to the full cost of Rhino ($995), it is a great deal. It is a PC-only application, though. In any case, it may be worth a look and a means to get things rolling quickly. There is a demo you can download at the above link.

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Building Rapid Prototype 3D Models from Zbrush Files Tutorial

Here’s a short tutorial I just ran across. It talks about the in’s saga singles holidsys and out’s of Zbrush (which best site for hardcore sex personals I know nothing myanmar girls dating nightlife about) and better than than adult friend finder the sue record singles list process of sending computer files security web cam software out to be prototyped.

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Object example

The cool thing free senior dating websites is that it talks about the capabilities of various prototyping machines, including the Objet, 3D object printer.

Blender Open Source 3D Software

Blender is an open source 3D modeling suite that runs on multiple platforms.
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Pepakura Designer

The paper model

The paper model

I’m working on a demo for my moldmaking class and I thought hd web cams I’d cbs gay dating site super bowl post a couple images here. I’m playing around with dating sim play game an application called Pepakura designer – it’s an “unfolding” kind of origami design application. It’s Shareware so you can download a fully functional (except for the saving) trial for free, and then buy a password for only $38.

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Rhino screenshot with form to be unfloded

Rhino screenshot with form to be unfloded

Same form in Pepakura

Same form in Pepakura

It handles OBJ files very well. I made the form for this object in “realflow” (a fluid modelling for cgi application I’ve been playing with) and then brought that into Rhino to reduce the number of surface polygons. I exported an OBJ from Rhino, free black anal sex tube sites imported this into Pepakura, printed it out on my epson desktop printer, cut it out w/ an X-acto knife and folded it up.

One really interesting thing about Pepakura (as opposed to some other unfolding apps I’ve used like TouchCAD or Lamina) is it will still unfold the OBJ even if there are naked edges or internal geometry. I think this is going to be a really nice teaching tool for teaching 3d CAD craft because when you actually print the unfolded template out onto paper and then physically fold it up you really understand what it means to have a “naked edge” or “shared faces”! The other thing I really like about unfolding free adult sex profile sites is it’s a ifriends webcams relatively easy way to get a physical form out of a CAD application without CNC technology legwork dating personal in nigeria (although it also translates to a variety of CNC tools – laser cutter, water jet cutter, plasma cutter – really easily.

Same idea but bigger

Same idea but homemade teen web cam bigger